Theresa Talea - Keeping Your Identity: The Difference Between New Age And Real Spirituality #58

This is our first episode in English. It's not going to be our last one, so stick around and hit that subscribe button.

Today's quest is Theresa Talea, an author of "Eternal Humans and Finite Gods" and "Proposing a New Cosmology Beyond Death Science". She grew up as the daughter of a prophet. She is strong and has continued her journey. She didn't stop searching for the truth, she pressed forward to find answers in religion, university, and self-study, but her intuition and logic led her back into herself.

In the podcast we talk about New Age, dimensions, All That Is, The Pure Essence, High-Self, aliens, different multidimensional entities, psychedelics, eternal life and much more interesting.

You can listen to the podcast from here:

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